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EV Automotive (OEM)

- Heat management

- Battery components

- 3000 Series no-lead material

- 6005 Series no-lead material


While other manufactures look ahead to the future, we are building it today. The e-mobility space is growing at an exceptional rate, and we believe that the best way to navigate these changes and to support our customers is to be leading the charge with them.  


As more people begin to transition to hybrid and electric vehicles, battery technology will be the deciding factor of this move. As catalysts of this change, we are manufacturing 3000 and 6005 series no-lead components for batteries and battery cooling systems to ensure they meet the standards of range and power for the people of today.  


Our experiences from the past, capabilities of the present, and readiness for the future, means we are prepared to work alongside OEM suppliers to provide the components they need to drive us even further into the future of automotive technology.

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