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Automotive (OEM)

- Liquid cooling

- Fuel Fittings

- Seating components

- Brake Unions

- Manifolds

- Lighting components


Being at the heart of the largest vehicle producing region in North America, it is no surprise that our expertise and experience in manufacturing automotive parts is world class.


At Ultra-form Mfg. 2021, we pride ourselves in being a respected, leading OEM supplier of a wide range of custom automotive components. From under the hood, through the fuel systems, to the interior and lighting. Our capabilities include manifolds, cooling systems, fuel fittings, and seating and lighting components. The wide range of machinery and tools at our disposal gives us the ability to adjust to changes in the industry and manufacture specific parts to your needs.


As the automotive industry shifts to lighter materials for improved fuel efficiency, we will be working closely with our automotive partners to exceed the quality standards in aluminum machining and be at the forefront of this movement. 

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